Our Story

Kerem Ari main fields of activity are Drilling, Entrepreneurship and execution of Civil Engineering and Private Construction projects at the highest standards. The company is ISO 9001:2015 certified and holds a C100 and C200 contractor license.

  • Professional Human Resources
  • Commitment to Quality
  • Solid Financial Stability

The company has extensive experience with challenging projects including the construction of a power plant, solar energy facilities, transportation infrastructure, green construction, plumbing infrastructure and underground electrical systems



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Hard Workers

Drilling Foundations

Drilling foundations are a critical part of many civil engineering projects, from commercial buildings to bridges to utilities. Our team of experienced engineers and drillers can provide you with the services you need to ensure your project is successful.

Drilled piers

Support structures in a variety of soil conditions including soft soils, rocky soils, and sloping terrain and are cost-effective and sustainable solution for foundations,


Deep foundations larger in diameter are in use to support heavier loads and often used for bridges, dams, and other large structures.


Made from steel or concrete and are used to support structures in a variety of soil conditions as a good option for structures that need to be supported in limited space

Soil stabilization

Improving the stability of soil by adding materials such as sand, gravel, or cement, or by using methods such as compaction or drainage


Earthwork is a critical part of many civil engineering projects, from road construction to building foundations to land reclamation. Our team of experienced earthwork professionals can provide you with the services you need to ensure your project is successful..


Building a foundation, installing utilities, or creating a swimming pool Excavation can be a complex and dangerous process so it is important to hire a qualified excavation contractor


Make way for new construction, remove a dangerous or unsightly structure or recycle the materials Demolition can be a complex and dangerous process, so it is important to hire a qualified demolition contractor.


The art of designing and creating outdoor spaces. This can include planting trees and shrubs, laying patios and walkways and installing water features.

Site Preparation

The process of preparing land for construction or other development includes clearing the land of trees and vegetation, grading the land, and installing utilities. Site preparation is an important part of any construction project


Utilities Mapping

Electromagnetic waves create images of the subsurface revealing the location, depth, and size of buried objects to prevent accidents and costly damage during excavation and construction projects

GPR Scan

Highly effective technology for locating underground utilities which do not or cannot conduct a current detectable by traditional electromagnetic locating methods


Vacuum Excavation has increasingly become the smarter choice for safe excavation and can quickly clear away material, whilst the remote-controlled boom allows for precision at a safe distance

Digital Mapping

Detection Specialties can produce field-verified underground utility "as-made" drawings by scaling underground systems on your existing site CAD file

Electrical Leakage

The reflected material is detected by the GPR antenna and recorded by the system which can then be used to create images of the subsurface


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Ben Ari

high level of safety and compliance with the objectives contributed significantly to the success of the project

Chemo Aharon

met the schedules well as the work is being carried out in several centers at the same time and under strict quality and safety systems

Afik Yarden

outstanding service, full availability and personal attention of high quality

Kobi Itav

high level of execution while adhering to the requirements of the geologist and soil consultant in a pleasant and friendly atmosphere